Athlete Training Plans

The training plans posted below are optional and can be done at home without equipment.

Every Day Stretches:


Each stretch should be held for a count of 10, pause then another count of 10. Control your breath and relax into each stretch as you exhale.

Calf Stretch - Toe pressed up against a firm lateral surface then lean in to stretch.

Dead Stretch - Back straight, knees bent, set up like a dead lift with shoulders over knees over toes then straighten your knees slowly keeping your shoulders down.

Child's Pose - Focus on maintaining a straight back and keeping your glutes in contact with your heels.

Shoulder complex:

            Straight Arm Across Chest - Pull elbow with opposite hand

            Palm Between Shoulder Blades - Pull Elbow straight back over with opposite hand

            Pectoral Stretch - Your Choice

Workouts: (4 day per week cycle)

Day One

TABATA – 2 exercises at each station – do each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between. Do exercise 1 first, then exercise 2, repeat this process until you have done both exercises 4 times.


Station 1


1. Lateral High Knees (3 steps right, 3 steps left, constant movement – use cones if you have them to step over)

2. Reverse Lunge to High Knee (switch legs each round)

Station 2


3. Diagonal Lunge Jumps (or basic lunge jumps)

4. Walkover Push ups (complete a push up, take a hand walking step to one side, complete another push up, go back the other way)

Station 3


5. Sprawls (burpee without the push up)

6. Supermans (lay on stomach, lift legs, upper back and arms up toward sky, to tighten lower back and butt, repeat movement the whole time)

Station 4


7. Star Jump Burpees (jump, spread arms and legs out, land with knees bent, complete a burpee, repeat)

8. Body Weight Squat

CORE BLITZ x 2 – do each exercise for 20 seconds, 10 seconds between one, do the list twice.

9. Side Plank (right side)

10. bicycles

11. Side Plank (left side)

12. Crunch

Day Two

AMRAP 1 – 3 minutes - 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps – go down the list, complete the exercise with the amount of reps next to it, once you finish a round, repeat as many times as you can in 3 minutes

20 – Mountain Climbers

15 – Squats

10 – Push ups

5 – Sprawls



Sit Up

Squat Hop


Leg Lifts


10 reps for each exercise – as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

Day Three

HILL WORKOUT - Mark off a Safe 40 yard course on a hill near you.

1. Lunge / Lunge / Squat – going uphill

· Jog downhill – Control your speed


2. Broad Jump to Sprawl – going uphill

· Jog down - Control your speed


3. Bear Crawl – going uphill

· Jog down - Control your speed

Day four

Family Time Activities - Complete one of the below activities with your family. The focus of this day is on time together and recovery.

Suggested activities 

1. Go for a 60 minute walk

2. Ride bikes together for 60-90 minutes

3. Jog 20 - 40 minutes




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